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Welcome to EBS
Welcome to EBS. During your study at one of India's foremost B-school, be sure that you will emerge as a total professional, i.e. as one with a distinct individuality to lead and galvanize the processes of change and transformation in the 21st century. At EBS, the idea of success is hardly restricted to grades and scoring. Here, we are more intent on helping you discover your various facts and attain your true potential.

Our interaction with a large number of leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate has revealed to us that the one factor that remains common to all these different personalities is the presence of a high LSQ, i.e. a high life skills quotient. These achievers, with high LSQ, seem to be blessed with humble qualities of sincerity, dedication, team spirit, communication, goal-setting, and constant learning.

EBS aims to groom the highest number of its graduates in the tradition of the greatest leaders of the world. In that, a sound training in life skills is but natural.We nurture creativity and innovation, within an environment of dedication and sincerity. Our vibrant workforce comprising faculty from India ensures that the EBS always stands heads and shoulders above the others.

About Us

EMPHASIS BUSINESS SCHOOL, founded by EMPHASIS Society an educational society established under the Societies Registration Act, with the objective of imparting training in Information technology, finance and management to students, working executives and professionals in India. The EBS believes in creating and disseminating knowledge and skills in core and frontier areas through innovative educational programs, research, consulting and publishing, and developing a new cadre of professionals with a high level of competence and deep sense of ethics and commitment to the code of professional conduct.

In the present scenario, where technology is playing a pivotal role in dictating growth, there is a need for focused and specialized education to meet the ever-changing demands of industry.

EMPHASIS BUSINESS SCHOOL is the answer to that need, opened in 2006 is one of the youngest and modern colleges. It has developed its own traditions and identity, focusing on personal attention to students, innovative interdisciplinary programs and links with professional faculties, career mentorship and community outreach initiatives. EBS is friendly and informal community which places a high priority on student support services and encourages diversity. The wide range of interests represented by our students makes membership in EBS an education in itself. EBS offers a spirited and challenging environment in which students have the opportunity to broaden their experience, even to create their life plans, through meeting others from different fields. EBS reflects, on a more personal level, the variety and interaction of the University as a whole. To achieve its vision, EBS has high-end infrastructure like world-class learning centre, experienced full time facility, state-of-the-art labs and class rooms equipped with technologically advanced tools and systems. There are around 20 centre’s spreading the contemporary education right across India.

EBS also provides more industry specific courses in association with more reputed institution and universities. It offers a highly specialized course like MBA (MARKTING / FINANACE/ HR/ FINANCIAL ENGINEERING/TECHNLOGY MANAGEMNT/HEALTH SERVICE MANAGEMENT ) and other job oriented courses like BBA/ BCA / ,BBM / M-Tech IT / MSC (IT) and BSC (IT) / MCA / PGDCA / PGDREM / PGDKPO/ in association with UGC / DEC recognized universities ………

These are Government recognized University and DISTANCE EDUCATIONAL COUNCIL. Today, EBS is acknowledged as the leader in providing technical education in the area of Information Technology and a pioneer in Management education in the areas of Marketing, Finance Management and Human Resources.

Our Vision EBS shall be a regional place of choice with twenty-first century campuses, dedicated to excellence in teaching and service, guided by shared values and principles and inspired to exceed student and community expectations.

Mission Statement

“The purpose of Emphasis Business School is to educate, inspire and prepare each student for a life of success and service.”

To fulfill that purpose, EBS provides a high quality undergraduate and graduate education shaped by the traditions of the liberal arts, career preparation and the distinctive values of the Society. By offering academic programs, practical experience and co-curricular activities in a variety of settings to students from diverse backgrounds, the College leads students to gain an awareness of the world, to acquire knowledge of career and vocation and to seek truth and social justice.

In keeping with the rich heritage, EBS seeks to educate the whole Person-intellectual, Emotional, physical and spiritual-in ways that foster critical thinking, Reflection and the free exchange of ideas, Open inquiry, Tolerance and a desire for lifelong learning. The Courses are integrated with career preparation to help students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in a career or further education.

Education Methodology and Evaluation and Grading Evaluation and Grading
Evaluation are conceived, developed and administrated on a rigorous and fair basis to bring out the best in students and prepare them for challenging careers. A student’s performance is based on the following

· Continuous evaluation, performance at the local learning centres, carrying 30% of weightage on the final score.
· University examination, conducted at the examination centres and evaluated by the University, Carrying 70% weightage for the final score
· Continuous evaluation is done through assignments and practical. In each subject, a student should secure at least 35% marks in continuous and 35% marks in the University examination, and a consolidated average of 40% to be declared pass.
· Based on the students’ performance, the following grading systems will be adopted
A= Excellent (+70%)
B= Very Good (=60%)
C= Good (+50%)
D= Satisfactory (+40%) E= Failure
Advance Your Career
   EBS educational courses are designed to provide working professionals the ability to advance their skill-sets and careers and enhance their resumes without disrupting their busy schedules. Typically running for a few weeks, courses are geared to specific industries or skill sets, with an emphasis on learnings and hands-on scenarios from the field. Focusing on innovation and emerging fields, EBS Professional Education courses will prepare you for the 21st-century workplace.

   All Professional Education courses are fee-based, with specific costs varying by course.

   Taking classes, workshops and seminars from credible sources can help you learn specific ways to improve your interpersonal, job and money management skills. Improving your knowledge in areas that touch your everyday personal and career life can help improve self-esteem, job satisfaction, interpersonal relationships, health and wellness, career stability and financial security.

Life Skills @ EBS
For the overall personality development of students, we imbibe life skills, which hone a sterling character, with qualities like commitment, hard work, ability-to- communicate, sincerity and team spirit. We also conduct industry perspective building classes, and encourage them to learn a foreign language. It is mandatory for students to organize and attend internal events with media and other industry partners. This adds to their skills and increases their chance for placements. Classes in personal communication is not verbal but also non verbal like mannerism, style, dressing up, social movements, voice modulation etc. business and corporate communication courses include industry writing, knowledge of diverse industries, presentation skills, reporting and analysis.

Survey of CEOS & HR managers emphasize the importance of life skills as being the top- most parameter for employability. A portrait of well educated person who succeeds no matter what.

Entrepreneurial mind set:
Views a problem, as an opportunity Delivers results with minimum resources Is a self-starter Capable of innovative solutions and lateral thinking Not averse to risk taking

Effective communication:
Uses a variety of mediums to interact eg. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, painting, singing, playing instruments, dancing, dramatizing, sculpting Uses appropriate methods to communicate with others Responds appropriately when receiving communication.

Well prepared to obtain and keep employment in fields of interest Capable of changing careers and seeking additional training as needed Plans for a career Function effectively within a system.
Emphasis Experience (Flexibility and creativity)
The academic programs at Emphasis Foundation College are designed according to the needs of the students. There is complete flexibility in choice of courses & subjects and transparency in the grading of the students. The collage has patterned its academic system on the best practices in American and British systems. This has empowered our students to complete in global market.

Transforming Learning in a Convenient way - “ The Emphasis Way”
Emphasis College has created a powerful model of teaching and learning. Our College today provides education to hundreds of student across the country, pursuing graduate and post-graduate programs across several disciplines.

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our education programs and providing a learning experience and quality of instruction that will eventually be superior to any form of education be it campus based or distance education.

Our innovative learning experience blends flexibility and convenience from the learner’s perspective with academic rig our and quality in instruction. We call this learning experience the “The EMPHASIS WAY”. “The Asian Way” is learner centric and puts the student at the core of an experience that combines the feature of campus based and distance learning delivery systems.

“The EMPHASIS WAY” features a number of advantages. Perhaps the most relevant benefit involves the luxury of remaining in your home state while studying -- and consequently avoiding the inconvenience of applying for an admission to the university. Other advantages include:

* Accessibility for those living away from the training center
* No waste of time or other resources in transport, commuting to a central location for each class
* Flexibility to study in any convenient location.
* Self-paced learning
Study materials at a personal speed and intensity, without having to wait for slower pace of the average classroom. It allows students from all over; to derive the benefits of a core team of excellent faculty members
* Just-in-time learning; more opportunities to study the most current material available
* Flexibility for those with irregular work schedules * Accessibility for those with restricted mobility (e. g., handicapped, injured, elderly)
* Accessibility for those with family responsibilities (e. g., parents with young children at home)
Recent research has shown that the most significant factor helping students to succeed in their classes has been their ability to manage time. The more successful students reported spending 2 to 3 hours regularly each week for each hour of credit for a class. For example, a 4-hour credit class required a minimum of at least 8 to 12 hours of work each week of the semester to complete all requirements.

Design & Structure
Distance education simply means imparting quality education at your own convenience. The medium of instruction is English.

Comprehensive Course content
Comprehensive course material will be supplied to all the students. Each book is divided into units. Each unit is written in self-instructional style and consists of introduction, objectives, structure of units. In addition students will be encouraged to refer recommended books wherever necessary

Assignments are integral component of distance education. The assignments are given during each session, to be submitted by the students. Assignments serve the purpose of evaluation of the student performance

Academic Counseling
Counseling is an important activity in education and is entirely different from usual classroom teaching. Counselors clarify doubts of students and help them overcome difficulties they face while going through the study material.

Practical Training
Depending upon the subject, a required amount of practical training is imparted to students at the Learning Centre. In certain specialized subjects, intensive counseling is also provided.

Project/ Report
The student is also required to prepare projects wherever necessary, which are then evaluated by the local counselor.

Examination Results
The Student is informed about the examination schedule and examination centre shall be informed through the admit card. The examination centre will be different from the learning centre and eligible students will be given admit cards to appear in the examination. The examination pattern will be available in the program guide provided to the students.

Award of Degree
All successful students of respective Degree/ Master’s degree programs will be awarded Opted University by students KSOU / NAGALAND University /EIILM University / CDLU University / SIKKIM MANIPAL University recognised by DEC / UGC / Ministry of HRD.

Right to amend rules
The university reserves the right to add/delete/change /amend the syllabi, program structure, rules and regulations wherever considered necessary and appropriate without any prior notice. The students are advised to go through circulars and important information displayed at the learning centers from time to time.
News and Events
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