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Welcome to EBS

Welcome to EBS. During your study at one of India's foremost B-school, be sure that you will emerge as a total professional, i.e. as one with a distinct individuality to lead and galvanize the processes of change and transformation in the 21st century. At EBS, the idea of success is hardly restricted to grades and scoring. Here, we are more intent on helping you discover your various facts and attain your true potential.
Our interaction with a large number of leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate has revealed to us that the one factor that remains common to all these different personalities is the presence of a high LSQ, i.e. a high life skills quotient. These achievers, with high LSQ, seem to be blessed with humble qualities of sincerity, dedication, team spirit, communication, goal-setting, and constant learning.   Read More

Our Vision

EBS shall be a regional place of choice with twenty-first century campuses, dedicated to excellence in teaching and service, guided by shared values and principles and inspired to exceed student and community expectations.
“The purpose of Emphasis Business School is to educate, inspire and prepare each student for a life of success and service.”
To fulfill that purpose, EBS provides a high quality undergraduate and graduate education shaped by the traditions of the liberal arts, career preparation and the distinctive values of the Society. By offering academic programs, practical experience and co-curricular activities in a variety of settings to students from diverse backgrounds, the College leads students to gain an awareness of the world, to acquire knowledge of career and vocation and to seek truth and social justice.
In keeping with the rich heritage, EBS seeks to educate the whole Person-intellectual, Emotional, physical and spiritual-in ways that foster critical thinking, Reflection and the free exchange of ideas, Open inquiry, Tolerance and a desire for lifelong learning. The Courses are integrated with career preparation to help students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in a career or further education.
Evaluation and Grading
Evaluation are conceived, developed and administrated on a rigorous and fair basis to bring out the best in students and prepare them for challenging careers. A student’s performance is based on the following

· Continuous evaluation, performance at the local learning centres, carrying 30% of weightage on the final score.
· University examination, conducted at the examination centres and evaluated by the University, Carrying 70% weightage for the final score
· Continuous evaluation is done through assignments and practical. In each subject, a student should secure at least 35% marks in continuous and 35% marks in the University examination, and a consolidated average of 40% to be declared pass.
· Based on the students’ performance, the following grading systems will be adopted
A= Excellent (+70%)
B= Very Good (=60%)
C= Good (+50%)
D= Satisfactory (+40%) E= Failure

Advance Your Career

Counter Discussion

EBS educational courses are designed to provide working professionals the ability to advance their skill-sets and careers and enhance their resumes without disrupting their busy schedules.Typically running for a few weeks, courses are geared to specific industries or skill sets, with an emphasis on learnings and hands-on scenarios from the field. Focusing on innovation and emerging fields, EBS Professional Education courses will prepare you for the 21st-century workplace.

   All Professional Education courses are fee-based, with specific costs varying by course.
   Taking classes, workshops and seminars from credible sources can help you learn specific ways to improve your interpersonal, job and money management skills. Improving your knowledge in areas that touch your everyday personal and career life can help improve self-esteem, job satisfaction, interpersonal relationships, health and wellness, career stability and financial security.

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